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Book - 150 Knit and Crochet Motifs Book - 200 Crochet Blocks Book - Crochet Jewelry  by Ann Pulvermakher and Kim Waejong
Book - 200 Crochet Blocks
Our Price: $24.95
Don't Be a Square! Break out of the box with 150 Knit and Crochet Motifs. With this exciting guide you'll go beyond the humdrum square, and explore a fun and eclectic world of unconventional shapes and patterns.

Geometric, circular, and irregular shapes are the focus of 150 Knit and Crochet Motifs, including exciting variations on motifs like shells, stars, and even paisleys. The patterns include colorwork, texture, dimension, and interesting outline shapes for innovative applications.

The motifs are presented in a directory of different shapes and textures. The book also includes smaller blocks to join them together as well as edging ideas to add finishing touches. Get suggestions for mixing and matching the motifs, and learn how to knit and crochet them together to create one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pieces. With 150 Knit and Crochet Motifs, you'll be well on your way to more creative knitting and crocheting design combinations than you could imagine. The possibilities are endless!
Rediscover crochet! Choose from more than 200 fabulous block patterns - from Art Deco-inspired geometric designs to traditional checkerboard stripes and elaborate motifs - to make blankets, throws, and accessories that are functional and decorative. Employing traditional styles and contemporary colors, crocheted blocks inspire the crafter to create a dynamic palette of color, pattern, and texture by mixing, matching, and combining. Step-by-step instructions accompany each pattern, along with stunning photographs that encourage crafters to explore a range of color combinations and coordinates - neutrals with accents, colors from nature, and color schemes inspired by the gorgeous floral hues of Tiffany, disciplined shades from the Art Nouveau movement, and the vibrant primary colors favored by America's Jazz Age. A directory of blocks is cross-referenced by symbols that describe the techniques used and the degree of difficulty, and each pattern is designed so that finished blocks are all the same size when they're worked in yarn of the same weight. A useful refresher course of crochet stitches and techniques is included, as well as patterns for edgings and instructions on making fringes to finish off afghans in style. Make head-turning jewelry using simple crochet techniques with Crochet Jewelry, even if you've never crocheted before! Learn to create the intriguing crochet accessories reappearing in the fashion world-with your own personalized twist.

Choose from multicolored bead and crochet necklaces, lacy spiderweb chokers, delicate yarn and wire bracelets, lively cherry earrings, mohair flower pins, or pretty cocktail rings embellished with beads and stones. Experiment with a range of materials, from sumptuous ribbon and eyelash yarns to silver and gold wire, and find out how to decorate finished crocheted pieces with beads, crystals, ribbons, feathers, embroidery, and silk flowers.

Learn what materials and tools are needed to create these fabulous fashions and how to achieve different looks using various types of yarns and beads. All the core techniques are demonstrated with step-by-step photographs, from working basic stitches to adding findings and finishings, and each design includes a recipe of ingredients, suggested color palette, and easy-to-follow instructions. Basic stitches are reviewed, including chain stitch, single and double crochet, increasing and decreasing, how to crochet around a bead, making a necklace closure, and putting components together.

Experiment with a range of materials and see just what you can create with Crochet Jewelry.

Reviews: "Projects are varied: some are cute, some trendy, others retro. This book is a good starting point if you're interested in creating crocheted jewelry using yarn, embroidery thread, or wire."-Art Jewelry

"If you've ever needed a reason to learn to crochet with beads, this book is a good start. This is a unique book in the beading field... Highly recommended."-South Jersey Bead Society
Book - Simply Crochet
Book - Simply Crochet
Our Price: $24.95
The easy-to-download Simply Crochet eBook allows you to crochet in more places and is your invitation to gorgeous crochet with a stash-busting twist!

Robyn Chachula offers valuable designer advice and stylish crochet projects with a stash-busting twist in Simply Crochet. Robyn's enthusiasm for beautiful crochet coupled with her expert construction skills inspired this collection of patterns for crocheters looking to get maximum use out of their yarn. Inside you'll find 22 cleverly designed one, three, and five skein patterns for creating charming crocheted jewelry, scarves, bags, shawls, socks, vests, skirts, cardigans, jackets, home accessories, and baby friendly items. These patternsófrom top designers including Carol Ventura, Tracie Barrett, Kristin Omdahl, and Doris Chanówill help you learn how to maximize the value of your yarn without compromising on style.

Also included are designer tips on saving money and getting the most from your yarn stash. Robyn has outlined everything you need to know to decide which stitch choices and stitch patterns to choose in making your yarn go the furthest with any pattern. You'll also find creative ideas for up-cycling vests and tanks into tunics and pullovers with just an additional skein or two of yarn.

The Simply Crochet eBook offers creative ideas and inventive solutions for resourceful crocheters of all skill levels looking for to get the most out of their yarn.