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"Kindness" - Colorway for a Cause - choose your fiber "Better Life" - Colorway for a Cause - choose your fiber "Stampede" - Colorway for a Cause - choose your fiber
Maine photo is BFL Main photo is BFL. Stampede is a Limited Edition Colorway that features a a beautifully splashy colorway with browns blacks and touch of red and gold - 4 ounce bundles of combed top unless stated otherwise

This colorway will run for a limited time like most of the Cause colorways. 40% of the purchase price will be going to the National Parks Foundation.

These fibers listed are what I have at the moment. Special requests are happily taken and will still get the same donation. Some of the fibers listed are in stock. We'll always have a greater stock just before or possibly after a show. Otherwise, it's a dye to order item and please expect an extra 6-10 days to arrive.

If you're not a spinner, don't worry, there is a Handpainted yarn

Mojo Challenge - Less is More sets Let Love In - Colorway for a Cause - choose your fiber Almost Solid Color - Custom Order - Choose your Fiber and color - order by the ounce
If you're watching the Mojo Challenges, this is to help you get your colors for the "Less is More" challenge without you having to find them yourself. You can choose the size you want from:
S/M - 1lb of wool
M/L - 1.5 lbs of wool
L/XL - 2lbs of wool
If you need more, I can make this happen, just convo me.

Order and I'll dye these for you and get them out as fast as I can get them to dry.

Please note that all these pics were done on BFL, if you change the fiber type there will be slight differences in color. With the BFL I have used some dark BFL and some mixed humbug in there. I don't have those mixes in all the fiber so they will be close to the BFL colors but I just wanted to give you a warning as they won't all be exact.
"Let Love In" features a largely grey dyed fiber with a rainbow. Before a rainbow, a little rain must fall.

This colorway was originally introduced in November 2016 as a Limited Edition. I loved it so so so much. When it came time to retire it, I was a little sad but rules are rules. Wait a minute! I run things around here. I decided to make this an ongoing Colorway for a Cause. I'm not sure when it will end but for the foreseeable future this colorway will be available and run on the same principle as all the Cause colorways. 40% of the purchase price will be going to the ACLU.

If you're not a spinner, don't worry, there is a Handpainted yarn

Order by the ounce. This listing doesn't limit you to having to order in 4 ounce increments.

Do you need small quantities to make mittens or a hat in many different colors? Need 2 ounces for a back ground and several 1 ounce bundles for the rest of the colorwork. Or maybe you want a full 4 ounces, you can do that. I'll dye your fiber by the ounce. Order ala carte as you like, right here!

Combed Top white Fiber of your choice dyed in your choice of Almost Solid colorways. Why ALMOST solid? because it will give you depth and movement in a color range without being a multi-color colorway. As with all custom dyeables, please note that colors vary from batch to batch though we make every attempt to get them close each time.There are several fibers that are available in these colorways.

If you need help picking out coherent colors - message Amy using the contact form and I'll get back to you with ideas.
Handpaint - Wool Flax - Custom Dye - 2 ounce bundles
One of my favorite blends. Wool and flax together. Merino wool and flax. together in a 60/40 blend. It's a really unique spin. The fiber is put up in pencil thin sliver. It spins up like a rougher wool but once you wash and give it a small beating its got a lovely drape like linen. It doesn't have a ton of memory so choose your final project with that in mind.

We will dye for you a 2 ounce bundle of the Colorway of your choice