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Katrinkles Spunky Sheep WPI guide Katrinkles Spunky Sheep Knitting Needle Gauge Katrinkles 1 yard Collapsable Niddy Noddy
The Spunky Eclectic Sheep Logo features a 1 inch cut out with a guide to what the WPI correlate to. It's the perfect little guide to go with all your spinning.
The Spunky Eclectic Sheep Logo features accurate holes to help you figure out your needle gauges. It's so cute and made out of tough bamboo.

It's not just for knitting needles though. If you don't know what grist your yarn is, double it up and see which hole it fits in best (not too tight, not too loose) and that's the needle you should start using first to get a proper even knit to help you realize your gauge.
This is a fabulous little collapsable niddy noddy laser cut from bamboo and emblazoned with the Spunky Eclectic logo. It collapses to 5 inches by 7 inches by 1/4 inches. Assembled it will make a 1 yard skein.

If you travel or just don't want to have a big bulky niddy noddy hanging around, this is the perfect tool for you. It's easy to use and it takes up so little space. I fell in love with these to take on the road when I teach.
Fricke Skeiner - 2 yard - Floor model
This is a great winder - It is similar in height to most wheels. Hub is 30" from the floor. With one arm perpendicular to floor, the highest point of the arm is 43" from floor..
This ships from Spunky Eclectic or from the factory usually within 1 week. If time is a concern, please email.