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These clubs have been on the shelf a while and I'm opening them to any current club member. They will be available until they're sold out. If they get to be a year old without selling they will be made available to any customer.
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The pictures and yarn are from the dazzling Moa Helberg!
Club Extras - December 2013 - Snow Fort - Masham
Our Price: $18.00

1 extra helping December 2013 club - 4 ounces
IF YOU WERE NOT A MEMBER OF CLUB AT THE TIME OF SHIPPING PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE - Go ahead and order what you need and we'll get it dyed. We will dye extras on demand until the next club is ready to ship then it becomes unavailable unless there are extras left over.
Club Extras - October 2013 - Geisha on Cheviot
Our Price: $18.00

1 extra helping of October 2013 club - 4 ounces