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Table Lace Weaving Pattern Just Stripes Weaving Pattern Linen Leno Weaving Pattern
This pattern is just a little bit above beginner level. It's not complicated but it does use a pick up stick to create a lace scarf, cowl, or table runner.
This is a fairly straight forward weave with an unusual set up. Follow
the directions carefully to set it up to create a scarf or cowl with horizontal or vertical stripes.
Such a rewarding piece of fabric! We're calling for a lot of leno. This is an all over lace patterning to create a lovely scarf or cafe curtains.
Chubby Checker Weaving Pattern Subtle Tartan Weaving Pattern Spaced Weaving Pattern
Spaced Weaving Pattern
Our Price: $6.00
Do you like a big scarf? Do you love fat cowls? The yarn called for in this pattern is enough for one long scarf or a chubby cowl. This pattern is simple. The colors blend a little so it comes out more as a Tartan than a real checkerboard, which is basically how it's woven. It's a simple 10 by 10 checkerboard cowl. This is another simple weave that with a little time over a sink felting, you have an exquisite scarf. Its also actually pretty warm. I've been wearing mine the past few weeks.
Silky Houndstooth Weaving Pattern Leno-lovely Weaving Pattern Plaid Weaving Pattern
Plaid Weaving Pattern
Our Price: $6.00
This is one of those fabulous patterns that may look hard to those that are not in the know but is really quite simple. With just simple color changes, you'll be able to make this scarf. Each scarf uses 1 skein and makes a six foot long, 6 inch wide scarf (depending on your draw in) or consider making a 60 inch cowl (join the ends) and embellish the edges with a little crochet. To get these measurements you will need to use a 10 dent heddle or reed. You may use a smaller or larger reed/heddle but your sizes, drape, and overall look may be different than the sample provided here. You will also need a pick up stick. This pattern is straightforward though it may take a little concentration to remember what patterning row you're on. On mine, I chose not to be conscientious about the patterning and have varied plaid patterning in my weft though it's not very apparent.
The Bounty Weaving Pattern
This pattern is easy to do and you have two variations to choose from. You can make a light weight open weave scarf or a couple of towels/napkins for your kitchen. Both are easy and play on color to spice up the look.