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Swalesdale (by the ounce) Domestic Wool Blend (by the ounce) Corriedale (by the ounce)
Swalesdale (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.75
Sale Price: $0.90
Save $0.85!
Rare breed and hard to find - combed top Light Grey Swalesdale - ordering by the ounce.

This fiber is course but really interesting. Guard hairs make it even more so. Perfect for scrubbies and outerwear.
White - natural combed top Corriedale (colonial) - combed top
Jacob - Brown Select (by the ounce) Icelandic - Grey (by the ounce) Bamboo Grey Carbonized (by the ounce)
This is a brown Jacob combed top. If you are familiar with Jacob sheep, you know they are usually multicolored. This is a top that is blends those multicolors all into one gorgeous brown. It's not super soft but it is a really nice fiber nonetheless. This fiber has a beautiful bluish-grey tone (natural) and is double coated. It felts well and gives bounce and strength.
Merino - Brown (by the ounce) BFL Superwash (by the ounce) BFL - White (by the ounce)
Merino spinning fiber- top - Natural Brown BFL Superwash (Blue Faced Leicester) white combed top . BFL Blue Faced Leicester white top .
Cheviot (by the ounce) Camel - Low (by the ounce) Ashford Corriedale Roving (by the ounce)
Cheviot (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.70
Ashford Corriedale Roving (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.22
Sale Price: $1.75
Save $0.47!
Rare breed and hard to find - combed top ecru Cheviot - ordering by the ounce.
The staple length is anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. Fiber fineness can vary from fine to coarse. The micron count is 28-33.
This is separated from the fine camel top. This fiber is mostly used for carpet warp, strong and sturdy. It is a beautiful brown shade, good quality, not too hairy to spin. Fabulous Ashford produced Corriedale Roving in so many great colors. Sold by the ounce. Perfect for spinners and felters.

This is being discontinued - get it while you can.
Shetland - White (by the ounce) Shetland - Brown (by the ounce) Shetland - Grey (by the ounce)
Shetland wool top - white Shetland wool top - brown Shetland wool top - grey
Romney - White ROVING (by the ounce) Mohair (by the ounce) Merino Superwash - White (by the ounce)
Mohair (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.90
Romney sheeps wool top - white
This is carded roving as opposed to the more common combed top.
This is yearling Mohair and is ever so nice. Mohair comes from Angora goats. It's got a nice wave to it. Some people find this fiber scratchy but regardless it has a gorgeous sheen and strength. use it as it is or blend it with another fiber to boost it's warmth and durability. Merino Superwash top - white - combed top
Soysilk Top - Natural (by the ounce) Spunky Sheep Bumper Sticker to Benefit 4-H Bamboo Bast (by the ounce)
SOYSILKŪ brand fiber is made from the residue of soybeans from tofu manufacturing. The fluffy Spunky sheep on an oval 5.5" x 3.5" bumper sticker.

All of the money for these, every penny of both dollars. will be donated to the National 4-H Council to help fund their continuing work with youth development. They have received Charity Navigator's highest rating of four stars. They just do wonderful things and we are proud to support them.
Gotland (by the ounce) Merino Bamboo (by the ounce) Merino Tencel (by the ounce)
Gotland (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.12
Not always and easy to find fiber, combed top Gotland (grey) is similar to Icelandic in feel and staple length. It's not super soft but it is a super fiber. - ordering by the ounce. Merino Bamboo (60% merino, 40% Bamboo) white top Merino Tencel 50/50  - combed top
Firestar - Red (by the ounce) Firestar - Green (by the ounce) Flax - Stricks (by the ounce)
Firestar by the ounce - Red  Nylon Sparkle Firestar by the ounce - Green  Nylon Sparkle A combed long line flax that is 18" to 24" long. This is wrapped and sold in stricks.
Merino Silk - 80/20 (by the ounce) BFL Silk (by the ounce) Flax - Fine Water Retted (by the ounce)
BFL Silk (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.40
White Merino with 20% Tussah silk spinning fiber - top - 22 micron BFL Silk Blend - Blue Faced Leicester and tussah silk - white top 80/20 blend . The flax is split and combed in a special, patented process used by our supplier. It is a finer flax than our dew retted flax.