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Jacob - Brown Select (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.50

This is a brown Jacob combed top. If you are familiar with Jacob sheep, you know they are usually multicolored. This is a top that is blends those multicolors all into one gorgeous brown. It's not super soft but it is a really nice fiber nonetheless.
Icelandic - Grey (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.50

This fiber has a beautiful bluish-grey tone (natural) and is double coated. It felts well and gives bounce and strength.
Shetland - Brown (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.56

Shetland wool top - brown
Shetland - Black (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.56

Shetland wool top - Black
Wensleydale (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.75

Wensleydale combed top
Swalesdale (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.75

Rare breed and hard to find - combed top Light Grey Swalesdale - ordering by the ounce.

This fiber is course but really interesting. Guard hairs make it even more so. Perfect for scrubbies and outerwear.
Romney - White ROVING (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.87

Romney sheeps wool top - white
This is carded roving as opposed to the more common combed top.
Masham - White (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.88

Masham  - combed top . A coarse fiber with a longer staple length.
Manx Loaghton (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.12

New Manx Loaghtan wool top has a micron count of 28 and staple length is about 3 inches.
The Manx Loaghtan (pronounced Manx Lockton) is a hardy mountain sheep, with impressive horns and a dark brown fleece. Four horned rams are particularly striking. The breed takes its name from the colour of its fleece, derived from two Manx words Lugh (mouse) and Dhoan (brown) or from Lhost dhoan (burnt brown). The lambs are born jet black, acquiring the distinctive fleece by the time they are weaned. The Manx Loaghtan used to exist in high numbers on the Isle of Man and across the UK. However by the 1950s there were only a handful left. Today, as with many rare breeds, it is found in a few small flocks around the UK.
Gotland (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.12

Not always and easy to find fiber, combed top Gotland (grey) is similar to Icelandic in feel and staple length. It's not super soft but it is a super fiber. - ordering by the ounce.