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Swalesdale (by the ounce)
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Rare breed and hard to find - combed top Light Grey Swalesdale - ordering by the ounce.

This fiber is course but really interesting. Guard hairs make it even more so. Perfect for scrubbies and outerwear.
White - natural combed top This is a brown Jacob combed top. If you are familiar with Jacob sheep, you know they are usually multicolored. This is a top that is blends those multicolors all into one gorgeous brown. It's not super soft but it is a really nice fiber nonetheless.
This fiber has a beautiful bluish-grey tone (natural) and is double coated. It felts well and gives bounce and strength. Shetland wool top - white Shetland wool top - brown
Shetland wool top - grey Shetland wool top - Black Merino spinning fiber- top - Natural Brown
Cheviot (by the ounce)
Our Price: $1.70
BFL Superwash (Blue Faced Leicester) white combed top . BFL Blue Faced Leicester white top . Rare breed and hard to find - combed top ecru Cheviot - ordering by the ounce.
The staple length is anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. Fiber fineness can vary from fine to coarse. The micron count is 28-33.
Wensleydale combed top Romney sheeps wool top - white
This is carded roving as opposed to the more common combed top.
Merino Superwash top - white - combed top
Gotland (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.12
BFL Blue Faced Leicester Humbugish Mix top  - it's a blend of dark and white BFL that hasn't totally been blended so it's a little stripey in top form. Leaves lots of possibilities. BFL Blue Faced Leicester dark top . Not always and easy to find fiber, combed top Gotland (grey) is similar to Icelandic in feel and staple length. It's not super soft but it is a super fiber. - ordering by the ounce.
Targhee (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.20
Merino Bamboo (60% merino, 40% Bamboo) white top Targhee spinning fiber- top - grown and processed here in the USA
Merino Tencel 50/50  - combed top
BFL Silk (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.40
White Merino with 20% Tussah silk spinning fiber - top - 22 micron BFL Silk Blend - Blue Faced Leicester and tussah silk - white top 80/20 blend . BFL Silk Blend - Blue Faced Leicester and tussah silk - tan top 75/35 blend .
This is the Oatmeal BFL we all love that's been blended with silk so it's quite a bit lighter than the usual Oatmeal BFL
Panda (by the ounce)
Our Price: $2.80
Karaoke - White (by the ounce)
Our Price: $4.15
Sale Price: $3.45
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Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon
Organic Polwarth and Silk Blend - Organic Polwarth and tussah silk - white top 80/20 blend . Karaoke is 50% SOYSILK fiber and 50% wool - combed top
White Merino with 50% silk spinning fiber - top Merino Yak Blend - 50% Brown Yak and 50% Ecru Merino
It's not thoroughly blended to be one color but it's not a humbug either. It's really quite an interesting blend. AND the softness...oh the softness.
Merino Yak Blend - 50% Depigmented Yak (15-22 microns) and 50% Merino (15.5 to 21 microns)
This blend is an absolute dream!

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