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Ashford Sliding Hook Flyer Ashford Cotton Drive bands Louet Bobbin Bearing (6mm) for all wheels
Fill your bobbins evenly with the squeeze-and-slide stainless steel hook. Fiberglass arms make these flyers light and strong. The yarn is controlled in the hook as you spin. The flyer is available natural or lacquer and includes one bobbin.

Update your double drive Traditional, Traveller and Elizabeth spinning wheels with the standard or jumbo double drive sliding hook flyer.
Single drive sliding hook flyers also available for your Traditional, Traveller and Kiwi single drive spinning wheels.

Ship from factory if not in stock in Maine. Generally a 1-2 week lead time.
Ashford cotton drive bands - choose single or double drive.

Ship from factory if not in stock in Maine. Generally a 1-2 week lead time if shipping from the factory.
Bobbin Bearing
Louet Bobbin Bearing Victoria/Julia - 8mm Schacht Whorl knob for Ladybug Spinning Wheel Schacht Drive Band for Ladybug Spinning Wheel
Bobbin Bearing Victoria/Julia Whorl knob for the Ladybug spinning wheel.
If you're not sure what this is, the second picture in the gallery here shows the parts.

if it's not in stock, you can order it on back order and it usually ships within one week.
Black Poly Drive band for your LadyBug Spinning Wheel.
Schacht Drive Band for Flatiron spinning Wheel Schacht Scotch Tension & Spring for Ladybug Spinning Wheel (2011 and older) Schacht Drive Band for Matchless spinning Wheel - 3pack
Black Poly Drive band for your FlatIron Spinning Wheel. Scotch Tension & Spring for Ladybug Spinning Wheel 2011 and older

Don't know how old your wheel is? You can find the manufacture date stamped on the back of the Mother of all
3pack - Cotton Drive band for the Matchless Spinning Wheel.
Louet Brake Tension Bolt Louet Brake Tension Nut Louet Victoria/Julia Scotch Tension Spring
Louet Brake Tension Nut
Our Price: $7.00
Brake Bolt Brake nut Scotch Tension Spring
Louet Victoria/Julia Scotch Tension Cord Book - It Itches Spinning Wheel Oil from Schacht
Book - It Itches
Our Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $8.00
Save $4.95!
Victoria/Julia Scotch Tension Cord

An affectionate and humorous celebration of every aspect of the craft of knitting, from buying--and hiding--massive quantities of yarn to wrestling with projects that go seriously awry to prescriptions for alleviating the stress brought on by holiday knitting. This witty collection represents a pitch-perfect send up of one of the most rapidly growing hobbies today. Including 75 cartoons, deftly rendered in pen and ink with watercolor wash, and several humorous short essays, every knitter is sure to find elements of themselves in this collection.

The long needle point of the Schacht oil bottle is ideal for getting to all those hard-to-reach places on spinning wheels and other small machines.  Filled with 1/2 oz. of motor oil.
Louet Brake Band Louet Footman Connector Louet Sliding Flyer Hook
Louet Brake Band
Our Price: $10.00
Louet Footman Connector
Our Price: $10.00
Louet Sliding Flyer Hook
Our Price: $10.00
Brake Band Footman Connector
Louet Treadle to Rocker Arm connector Katrinkles Spunky Sheep WPI guide Katrinkles Spunky Sheep Knitting Needle Gauge
Louet Treadle to Rocker arm connector 17.1108
The Spunky Eclectic Sheep Logo features a 1 inch cut out with a guide to what the WPI correlate to. It's the perfect little guide to go with all your spinning.
The Spunky Eclectic Sheep Logo features accurate holes to help you figure out your needle gauges. It's so cute and made out of tough bamboo.

It's not just for knitting needles though. If you don't know what grist your yarn is, double it up and see which hole it fits in best (not too tight, not too loose) and that's the needle you should start using first to get a proper even knit to help you realize your gauge.
Book - Socks Louet Octogonal Drop Spindle Book - Domino Knitting
Book - Socks
Our Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $10.00
Save $5.95!
Book - Domino Knitting
Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $11.86
Save $5.09!
Here are complete instructions for 20 different handspun, handknitted socks. Patterns include hiking socks, knee socks, "girly-girl" lace socks, and much more. You'll also find notes on spinning, choosing equivalent commercial yarns, and managing all the tricky little techniques that make socks so much fun to knit. Octo Drop Spindle

Introducing an exciting new technique called domino knitting, this book teaches both beginners and experts the patterning technique that became a craze among Scandinavian knitters. Beginning with basic instructions and progressing to sophisticated projects, this guide shows how domino knitting allows for easy designing by allowing knitters to build squares on one another horizontally and vertically at will. Precise step-by-step instruction show how squares can be worked in a variety of stitches for multicolored effects. Included is a key to selecting the proper yarn for any project as well as care instructions for any creation.

Book - Favorite Socks - 25 timeless designs Louet Drive Belt/Band (S10/15/51/17/S90/Julia) Louet Victoria Drive Belt/Band
Book - Favorite Socks - 25 timeless designs
Our Price: $22.95
Sale Price: $11.86
Save $11.09!

Louet Drive Belt Drive belt for Victoria S95/96.
Book - Getting Started: Knitting Socks Book - Knit So Fine Book - Inspired to Knit
Book - Getting Started: Knitting Socks
Our Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $13.00
Save $5.95!
Book - Knit So Fine
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $13.00
Save $11.95!
Book - Inspired to Knit
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $13.00
Save $11.95!

From cast-on stitches to binding off, this handbook details the simple steps needed to turn seemingly complicated sock knitting projects into easy and enjoyable activities. Helpful photographs and instructional drawings ensure that even inexperienced knitters will be able to produce high-quality socks and handle more complicated techniques, such as the Kitchener stitch at the toe. Using instructions for five different sizes--from child through adult large--at five different gauges, knitters can produce styles ranging from delicate dress socks to thick and furry slipper socks. More adventurous knitters can add variety and flair by following one of 16 unique designs or trying one of the dozens of rib, cable, and lace patterns provided. With plenty of tips and a handy stitch dictionary, this guide unleashes the creativity and fun of sock knitting.

Educating knitters about fine yarns, this information-packed book features more than 20 stylish and contemporary projects to knit with lightweight yarns. Knitters will learn what fine yarns are, the many advantages of knitting with them, plus tips and techniques to make the knitting process even more enjoyable. Perfect for all skill levels, the projects in this guidebook show that garments knitted with thin yarns not only fit more precisely, but are more flattering to the figure and feel better against the skin. They also offer more versatility for fashion elements such as ruching, ruffles, gauzy layers, and drape. Crafters will find stylish and contemporary patterns, including a drapy silk top, a supple zippered cable hoodie, a bamboo skirt with stunning drape, a bohus-inspired pullover, a wrap dress, a ruffled scarf, and much more.

Four mini workshops with 24 patterns and spectacular photography in this compilation help knitters think creatively, find inspiration in their surroundings, and shape those elements into garment design. Stunning patterns are arranged by season, reflecting the colors and beauty of nature that inspire feminine designs. From an amber-beaded cardigan that captures the feeling of hay fields drying in the sun to a long, belted coat with a spray of coral roses inspired by flowers in local markets to an intarsia jacket that evokes memories of a fall hike in a forest, each pattern is rich with color, detailing, and romantic knitting style. The design workshops throughout this guidebook challenge knitters to find inspiration in their surroundings, build color palettes, swatch creatively through knitting and sketching, and finesse their style and fit.