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Because all the kids are talking about it and all the websites are making notes about the pandemic.

So far so good here. We're isolating like recommended and we're wearing masks in public in case we do have it. My school is all online and that's where my time is really getting sucked into. All of you that are now home know that it's a struggle and maybe it's a struggle even if nothing has changed all that much.

I'm still dyeing every day to keep up with club and orders. I'm trying to keep everything to pre-orders so we don't get too overloaded now that I'm down to one show that is still "on" for the year.

What this means is that everything is a little slower going out the door. Everything needs to be dyed or put up and I'm doing a million things at once to try to survive this and keep the business going. Please bear with me. I'm a little slower then usual but I'm doing my best.

The USPS.... I love them. Without them the shipping costs would be ridiculous. We looked into switching once and the prices tripled. I can't do that to you guys so we stick with USPS which are fairly reliable. Yes, they're slower right now and sometimes things take a detour and we just had a bunch of packages that showed no movement for 3 weeks and then miraculously showed up delivered.

This is difficult times for everyone but I hope you can have patience with me and everyone else as we try to our jobs to the best of our abilities and keep things going as best we can. I am slow to answer emails but I will get back to you. I promise. Hang in there and stay well.