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I've been needing to write this for a while but it's difficult and it's hard to put into written word. It's a lot. From the way the field started to change to the pandemic to what life is now... it's all difficult and I know some of you feel it too. On the day to day I just don't have the physical ability or the brain power to do what I used to do with the business so here's what you need to know.

1. Club is still shipping but not taking new members.
2. I still have my sheep and I'm still producing farm fresh product. (OMG, this last batch of roving I got in is divine and I'm loving spinning it but I shouldn't keep it all for myself, there is a lot of it)
3. Because of said physical and mental incapacity (thank you full time job) I am not shipping like I should which is why you can't pay by paypal. If you use your credit card, it's just an auth and in 7-14 days it returns to you without me charging. But I'm deleting all products so no more buying from this site.
4. I'll run sales on Insta and FB only when I KNOW for certain that I have the physical and mental capacity to do some shipping.
5. Eventually I'll have a new site with the sheep products up there. Natural and hand dyed. They produce too much amazing wool to not do anything with. I currently have 20 sheep, 13 CVM, 6 Shetland, and 1 Coopworth.